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[Archived] Microsoft Word Help

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Yes I know this is the wrong website to ask this but here goes.

I have a digital scan of my signature. I want to embed it into a letter typed in Microsoft Word. However I want my signature locked / protected. I don't want anyone to be able to click on my signature and copy it or drag and drop it.

I'm fully aware someone will always be able to take a snapshot of the screen or print the file as a pdf etc... I just want to stop your computer illiterate from getting at it.

Any ideas?

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I may be wrong about this but an electonic signature doesn't count.

If you are signing anything financially or legally important then you need to have a "wet" signature.

Ink on paper. Depending on what you are signing for.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Colin.

Our MD asked me the question yesterday about whether he could do it and I couldn't find a way. I know it's a legal matter that the letter is for so I'll check out what you've said.

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