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[Archived] Curfew's

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These articles have surfaced over the past few days over here, I'm just wondering if people have an opinion on them.

Would/could they work in Blighty?

How can America call itself "the land of the free" when using these practices?

Is it legal?

Redneck town not allowing anyone out after dark due to voilence.

Some poor downtrodden town in the South won't let anyone go anywhere. Police are patrolling with army guns, stopping anyone they like without a reason.

Another town won't let under 18's out after 9pm.

There was a rash of shootings in this town so they've decided to not let school age kids out after 9pm. If they are out without a parent or guardian, they'll get taken to a lock up until their parents come and get them.

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A bit draconian, but if it makes our streets safer at night....i`m all for it.

The problem as i see it is.....you`re not allowed to knock #### out of trouble-making kids these days.

When i was a kid, if you stepped out of line you got a good hiding off somebody bigger & older. You soon learned how far you could go.

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