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In the light of some pretty terrible PR blunders of late, I'm a little worried about the way in which the club's Press Office operates.

Am I right in thinking that as press is handled by the PAPR company (Paul Agnew PR?) that it's effectively been outsourced? If this is the case, we must be the only club I'm aware of that doesn't handle its own press and gets dealt with alongside other 'products'.

Does anyone else think this to be odd for a club operating in the highest profile football league in the world?

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It's all pesh. Always has been, always will be.

We don't seem to have any proactive PR policy, and yet we employ an external agency on a 'job creation' ticket? Jobs for the boys it seems - and ex-telegraph journos (in the loosest possible sense of the word).

We couldn't do worse if we employed Alastair Campbell and give him free reign to say what he wants about us.

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