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[Archived] Zip Drive And Itunes

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Clearing out a cupboard yesterday I came across my Iomega Zip Drive 250 USB powered and around 30 zip discs. Most of these are full of music I had forgotten about, much of it I would like to have on my iPod. All the tracks are downloads from the original Napster in mp3 format. Some very old stuff, early 60s and some relative modern 2004 or so.

My problem is this. Some tracks will import and play in iTunes others won't begin to import. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to this. I realise there could be licence issues but this doen't really explain it. Fo example two tracks by The Animals "House of the Rising Sun" and "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" - one imports and the other doesn't, I can't imagine there's a digital licence embedded in those! Also more recent albums behave in the same manner. All my iTunes music appears to be in m4a format. So far I've tried:

Anyone of these works on a file that will import (not the extension changing bit), nothing at all happens for the files which won't play:

Double click to open

Drag and drop

Cut and paste


Open with iTunes

File import

Folder import

Changed file extension to m4a (getting desperate at this point)

Also tried all of these in WMP with same results. I haven't tried it yet but I wondered about using Nero write the stuff to CD and then re-importing off there? I resume I just need a way to make iTunes think the music is legal?

Any suggestions?

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