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  1. The picture must have been messed with, claret on a Rovers shirt. wash your mouth out. Edit. it was quite close, time is not good for the old grey matter. Garner at his best Although the cuffs are different on Garner with the ones in the picture with Parks.
  2. Or here den for bigger versions. My link den what year is this one, struggling with the strip, Parkes manager/caretaker My link
  3. Blues Bar open from 3.30pm tomorrow for Paul's wake.
  4. More from the Mint Green Focus, in his other items for sale. The people have a new cult hero, sketches of the Mint Green bids at over £40 My link
  5. If Carlsberg did car adds. Read on to the description. Minty Green Focus
  6. For those who asked and wish to attend. From a post on RM by Barry, Pauls close friend. "Pauls funeral is Tues 26th at Pleasington 2-30" His Auntie (only family member) "She would like blue and white flowers or a donation to any charity of your choice."
  7. A plaque is a great idea, fans of his calibre should never be forgotten. All we need now is someone to contact the club and organise it, maybe the Reps of the fans forum could start the ball rolling.
  8. Knew him from before his Rovers days, lived a few streets away. Shocked. Condolences to all his family. R.I.P Paul.
  9. Excellent. Close to Phuket, maybe you've found me something to do instead of the beach.
  10. Bunn, Ramm, Hanley, Lowe ©, Pearson, Parry, Evans, Potts, Formica, Rochina, Morris. Subs: Maclaren, Dilo, Hitchcock, O'Connor, Knowles, Wylie.
  11. Are you Formica in disguise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tpSF325H5hc
  12. Wrexham? coincidence, aren't we after their young striker. Edit total garbage, just remembered when reading this again, it's the lad at Crewe.
  13. Arriving at an airport not knowing where your headed then only getting £25k a week to play. Annan
  14. Thanks for the time and giving us an insight into German football from a fans view. Sounds fantastic.
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