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[Archived] Pc Monitor Wanted For Student

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I was looking at monitors last week for a friend as they needed a new one, so I'll share what I dug up. From personal experience I'd avoid a CRT unless money is big issue, you move around so often as a student that they're such a pain the bum to move from one place to another. Also, student rooms tend not to be very big, so anything that is space saving is very welcome.

If you decide to get him a new one, this is a fantastic deal and just about the cheapest TFT monitor around. If it's a Christmas present or something and you don't mind spending an extra £10,this is a 19" and again a brilliant deal..

I assume he'll be using his computer to watch a lot of movies, television episodes (in between studying of course ;) ) due to not having Sky or anything, so he'll definitely appreciate the widescreen!

Edit: The first one has gone up a fiver since last week (I got it from my favourites and didn't check until I'd posted), so now it's probably a no-brainer between the those two. I'll see if there's anything cheaper, I'm sure there must be.

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I have a Philips 17 inch that is great, but it is a CRT, not a flat one. I can drop it off for you if you want it. Good quality, but old fashioned!

Thanks, Ozzie, I'll ask him tomorrow. Sorry for the delay in reply, daughter has been ill, we had to go to London to bring her home.

edit: thanks LeChuck, that monitor looks good, but we just needed one to go with an old pc for practice purposes.

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