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[Archived] Photoshop

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Just got this for my 1st time so wanted abit of help.

Does anyone know how to save a picture in this and then upload to somewhere like imageshack?

Also has anyone got any useful tips for photoshop?

Im hoping to learn how to create some smart graphics so any help would be good.

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For tutorials (you're pretty much definitely going to have to learn by tutorials) join gamerenders.com because they have resources, feedback, tutorials and all that jazz. One of the better graphics communities in my opinion.

To save, I assume you are using CS2/3, go to File, Save For Web and then tweak the quality bar to keep it a respectable filesize (some sites are limited, which is where this comes into its own). Then simply save it to My Pictures, go to imageshack.us and upload it.

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Have you definitely used the "Save for Web/Devices" save function and made sure you pressed "Save" once tweaked rather than "Done"? What file type are you saving it as?

The tutorials are very good, they had a complete purge a few months ago but most remain. It's mainly signature making but the techniques used are applicable to anything. You really do need to practice by using tutorials because just exploring on your own isn't enough. Every tool has so many settings and tiny tweaks that you really do need a helping hand.

I've been using it on and off for a few years, never did any serious graphic work, just some signatures for various sites and banners for friends. The problem is my "work" is usually terrible due to the fact I'm slightly inebriated when I decide to have a go.

EDIT: I realise what you might be doing. Make sure you are not saving as PSD, that is basically the "project file" which you can save then re-open in CS4 later on so you can carry on (and you can keep the layers and their settings without having to work from a single complied layer of all the individual layers you had last time. That makes sense to me, but it'll be nonsense to you.) Just make sure you are not saving as PSD.

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Guest Wen Y Hu

No idea about the ImageShack problem, Hughesy, but I have Photoshop CS1 (ver. 8) on my Mac, though it sees rather infrequent use these days :rolleyes: . Anyway, this may be of some help...

Since you've only just got Photoshop, I'd suggest starting off with Adobe's own tutorials (accessed from the Help menu on a Mac). An introductory teach-yourself style of manual is always nice to help get you going with a meaty program like Photoshop so check out a decent bookstore to see if anything stirs your interest. There are plenty of books and dedicated magazines available for the enthusiast, too - magazines in particular can be a useful source of tips and useful insights. Some of the creative pros on here - graphic designers, etc. - will be able to help you out with magazine recommendations, I'm sure.

A couple of websites for you:

Photoshop CAFE (http://photoshopcafe.com/cs4/photoshop.htm)

Layers Magazine (http://www.layersmagazine.com/)

First, though, do make sure that you get to grips with the basics of handling graphical data! Since you mention putting your work on the Web, I guess you are already familiar with graphics file formats and compression rates. If you aren't familiar with layers and masks, however, I'd suggest you acquaint yourself with the concepts behind these while familiarising yourself with the more common tools and types of adjustment.

As for my own tips: In the same way that a Ferrari is a Ferrari and a Mini is a Mini, there are always limits to what you can do with a poor quality image. Given that much of my photo gallery is in the Stanleh's Mini range :unsure: , I have often found the need to use the sharpen effect in the filters followed by the level and colour correction tools. I see that CS4 has its own Adjustments panel, which is rather useful, so have a play around in there.

Others on here will be eminently more qualified to give you further advice, but if this is of any help, then great.

P.S. Just seen ADB has replied while I was typing this up... Be interesting to know if your problem was indeed file format.

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Not sure what the file format problem was. I was just using the normal image shack page (not logged in) and it didnt work, as soon as I log in, it works fine. So that problem is solved now.

Thats some good info from both of you - thanks.

Iv downloaded myself the Photoshop for Dummies guide so that should hopefully help me alone quite abit. Im only planning on using photoshop because it looks a cool tool and something I wouldnt mind trying my hand at, and like ADB i wouldnt mind designing my own signatures etc. It hopefully wont take me too long to pick up as im quite IT literate.

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That's a seriously expensive bit of software for making signatures!

Like others have mentioned, make sure you flatten the image before trying to stick it on the web. I use the CS3 version for work, but it's for print rather than web. Still, if you need any tips...

The resource I use most is the Adobe Exchange. You can download thousands of really useful 'actions' - macros for doing pretty much every effect you could possibly image, and more besides. Anyone can get professional results using those. It's free, too.

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Cool il take a look at that exchange mate.

Na it wont just be for signatures but thats the sort of thing I like the look of and will try my hand at 1st. Iv started going through the dummies guide so I should be up to speed within a few weeks (Its 400+ pages).

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