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[Archived] Itunes

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Just got the new iphone and synced it but does anyone know how I can change the device name as it currently says 'untitled playlist'

a playlist is a playlist of music/vids. when you connect the iphone you should get a new menu option on the eft hand list (where music, vids, podcasts ext are) that says iphone.

to change the name of a playlist from untitled simply click it once, wait a sec or two then click again, it should allow you to type the desired name in then, if that fails i think you can right click it. then rename

P.S shouldnt this be in the pc and console section?

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Ive only ever used itunes for music, but can you watch movies via itunes as a media player?

Yes, but you may have to convert the video file into a different format which is compatible with the iPhone. I've got most of the Simpsons & Family Guy series on my iPhone, perfect when flying!

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