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[Archived] The Saturday/sunday Amateur League Thread

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A thread I am suprised has never been started (mods, please feel free to move this as it isn't Rovers related as such, but then again it wouldn't go in the ICBINF forum)

This season I have decided to join the world of amateur football on Saturday afternoons, and left me with a dilema, as I will probably miss a few Rovers games in the process, however I thought with the 24/7 coverage and the fact Rovers games will be moved left, right and centre I would still make several games and justify another year of my season ticket, which I have renewed.

I was wondering who else is in the same boat?

I'm hoping to join a friend who plays in the East Lancs Premier Division. A league many of you will probably know.

Hopefully people can let me/others know who they play for and how they deal with the Rovers withdrawl symptoms!

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