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[Archived] Greetings From Ankara, Turkey!

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ok guys, i need some help.

with our friends (the three of us who came together) we want to come to ewood park this year on the 6th anniversary of the blackburn - gençler game (what is a sixth anniversary? erm, for the first time in 6 years, 15th of October is again a Thursday, if it makes things more interesting). Plus, I checked the fixtures and on the 18th, there is the Burnley game at home. What could I wish for I thought.

The cheapest flights I could find are to London, so I will need assistance on the cheapest way to travel to Blackburn from London.

Some guidance on where to stay would be perfect. I think there will be at most 3 of us travelling (I haven't decided whether to post this on our forums as I don't want to organize things, though I may change my decision on that)

thanks in advance

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Orcan, I think Tris is the board's resident travel expert ( ;) ) so I won't answer most of your questions, but just a few thoughts.

It doesn't happen very often, but that game might well be a sell-out. Before you make any travel arrangements, might be a good idea to give the club a call and explain your situation - I'd hope they can provide tickets but check. As for travel, the general rule seems to be that the more in advance you can book, the cheaper the price is. You'll be able to travel by train from London to Preston, and change train for the 12 miles or so to Blackburn. But it may work out cheaper to fly to Manchester, either from Ankara or even from London. Manchester Airport is about 35 miles from Blackburn but the train links are quite good.

Accomodation in Blackburn - the usual recommendation is the Fernhurst, which is right across the road from Ewood Park. The disadvantage is there isn't really too much nightlife around Ewood or Blackburn, but you may know what to expect if you've been here before! If you're in the UK for a few days, it may be better to stay overnight in Manchester : it's only about 30 miles to Blackburn and there is a direct train.

Good luck!

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