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[Archived] Bug-ers

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A couple of years ago, the News of the World's Royal reporter Clive Goodman got 3 years' in prison for bugging Royal phones along with his bugger-in-chief accomplice.

Last year, ex-Rovers winger and PFA Secretary General, Gordon Taylor received £700,000 out of Court from the News of the World in settlement for his phone being tapped.

Also last year, the News of the World lost out when Max bondage sex romp Mosley successfully beat them in Court over his invasion of privacy.

Yesterday the Guardian broke the story that under Gordon Cameron's personal PR guru, the News of the World tapped thousands of private phones.

Today as the Guardian go for a Daily Telegraph style rolling exposee, Alan Shearer and Sir Alex Ferguson are revealed as having been bugged by the News of the World.

This has all the makings of being a massive shake-up. The failure of the police to follow-through on this illegal activity is truly shocking.

Some of the people involved.

I think Simon Hughes MP gets it right in this interview

What they got up to.

This could get bigger- the Daily Mail has been revealed as having been an even bigger client of the bugging company than News International!

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