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[Archived] Keys On Laptop Not Working

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Any ideas on how to fix it? 3 keys aren't responding. It's a macbook and it just suddenly happened.

Eddie, hope you are well. On a windows based pc, i think if you hit the Fn key, and the key not working fixes the problem. I had a similar problem with a laptop, and i think thats how i fixed it. On a Mac, im not to sure but you could always hit the old google option.

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Any suggestions why laptop battery wont charge - not dead battery as Ive tried two.

Laptop will only run off mains power.

Alan hope you doing well. I think on some laptops, there is an option where you could run off both battery and mains, or just one of those. Check the control panel, under power saving or something. Or try and remove the battery, and move it into another laptop and check if it really is the battery. You might also want to do a virus scan, because there are viruses that drains your battery and could cause your battery to leak and explode

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