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[Archived] 31 On Next Seasons Shirts

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April 14th 1979 was the last time Rovers lost to their arch rivals Bumley in a competative match. What do you guys think about a campaign to encourage everybody buying a new home or away shirt next year to get the number 31 on the back? :huh:

A few years back, i had 26 and YEARS printed on the back of my shirt. I was always getting stopped & asked "What does 26 years mean?" It was a good talking point........& it wound the dingles up no end!! :lol:

So, what do you reckon to a 31 campaign?? :huh: It`s simple & wouldn`t cost each individual too much.


(ps....a 31 YEARS banner at Ewood should be made. ;)

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But (assuming Burnley get relegated) doesnt that mean we'd have to get a seperate shirt for each season? I think the anniversary of Jack's death is a more notable event to highlight instead of losing to Burnley 30 odd years ago.

A Banner for 31 years isnt a bad idea though but it would look like we're just copying the Stretford End a bit.

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