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[Archived] Ps3 In Hd

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I've been playing my PS3 in HD for about the past 3 years, and I have always thought the quality wasn't as good as some of my friends. I always put this down to me having an LG TV, and my friends having a Samsung. Even though my TV is full HD, I just though there could be a difference in picture quality.

However today I noticed that I can change the settings of my HD connection from DTV to PC. Im not sure which of the settings should be used for the PS3, but it seems better in the PC setting.

Could anyone help me with this..


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Try calibrating the TV. If you've never done that before, it's probably using the default factory settings, which are generally super bright, super high contrast so it stands out better in TV showrooms. If you have any picture enhancement options, turn them all off (that's most likely what PC mode does).

You should be able to find some basic settings for your TV model on the net. I used hdtvtest.co.uk to find settings for my Sony, and it looked so much better afterwards.

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