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[Archived] Watching Football In 3D

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I am trying to find out people's experiences about viewing football in 3D. I am appealing to people who read these boards with sight loss who might have watched the Rovers vs Utd in 3D. What was it like viewing the game in 3D?. Did they encounter the same problems I did?. Having sight problems did they get a clear view of the screen?. I was stuck in a pub where the light from outside made it difficult to see. I am also appealing to Rovers fans in London before next season,I would like to set-up a group of Rovers supporters in London who want to watch the games in 3D. Next season more games will be broadcast in 3D. We should set-up a venue where fans can meet up and share experiences good or bad. An idea could be to introduce audio description to the 3D service to help supporters with sight problems get a more clearer picture of what's happening. I did manage to meet up with 3 Rovers supporters in Kensington for the Burnley game from this board and found it very enjoyable,catching up with fellow rovers fans enjoying a drink at the F3K. I feel after that it would be good to set-up a branch of London rovers supporters when they can't make a game could catch-up and watch the tv games on tv.

be good to hear people's thoughts on the subject.

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