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  1. Hi all, I know long time no speak I'm after a very rare item I know someone"s been selling the kids item on ebay however I'm after the Large Adult size of the jumper it's the one when we won the Prem Lge find enclosed picture in the attachment I'm willing to pay a fair price for the jumper I would be extremely grateful if anyone is willing to part with the jumper as I believe it's quite rare Thanks for all help! Savio s-l300.webp
  2. Hi all, I know it's been a while, I was hoping someone could advise me I'm looking for an audio or video link to an evening with Colin Hendry unfortunately on the I came down with a severe stomach bug & I missed it if anyone has any info that would be great & Is the evening with Tony Mowbray at Ewood available on Ifollow Rovers? Thanks for all help Savio
  3. Just listened to this excellent podcast well done Linz you've done an amazing job raising money for Megan & for such an amazing cause I hope all the events raise enough so that they can conduct more research into a horrible disease in children and hopefully one day find a cure. Keep up the good work Linz keep them coming Kamy with these really enjoyable listen!
  4. Well done lads excellent podcast really enjoyed listening I hope we have more of these!
  5. Excellent article DE & Kamy heartbreaking to read but very accurate nonetheless & extremely well written I look forward to the subsequent parts Thanks
  6. Abs tbh I have given up on RR the commentary is absolutely awful. imo Radio Lancs is ten times better!.Usually on away days I listen to radio Lancs so much better usually has reaction from LET reporters & former players.
  7. Sorry I know it's a bit off topic one place that looks really nice is our very own catering Northcote at rovers. A very good friend of mine eats quite a lot at the one up near Brockhall and he advises me it is really good nosh well worth the dosh. I have also eaten at northcote at rovers on many occasions including the rovers disabled supporters parties and for my birthday. I attended the home game after and got a good deal on watching it from the legends lounge. I had lunch 3 course & pudding and have to say the food they serve is amazing the Lancs hotpot they do is very tasty. It is a place I shall be eating at when I finally move up permanently to Blackburn.
  8. DE and that is the point gambling on staying in the PL forever was a totally unsustainable business model. Your not wrong I thought our debt was bad but to let it get to 163.8M is reckless in the extreme. DE that is not entirely true I would hate to even speculate what QPR's balance sheet would look like. Stu you are absolutely right but the problem is how they will implement this. DE think about it David NGog, Martin Petrov former Man City etc... Dave it could well do we are onviously in a mess finance wise and so are many championship clubs and a lot of the other teams unless promoted will be hit with a transfer embargo and when they challenge FFP e.g. Boro, QPR, Forest etc... the League will probably realise although it would be a good thing it would be impossible to implement and throw it out or extend the deadline to give clubs a reasonable transition to comply and it might wake Shelfie up to the idea of challenging the rules.
  9. Sorry to drag this a bit off topic I have seen the recent Avicii single wake me up (Live) the video does anyone know if the guy singing is a relation of our former player Junior Hoilett it's just everytime I see this video the guy is a dead ringer for Junior.
  10. Hi Bob, excellent review I hope you,Dawn & the family are well it is an excellent review please do not stop these one classic quote you might like to consider from our very own global clown when asked in an interview about Josh Morris according to our global clown he is not a left winger or a LB apparently according to Shebby he is half and half I would be glad to hear on what exactly this means as I am lost!.
  11. I tell you who should be banging their heads together that is Jeremy Kyle he would sort this rabble of a boardroom in quicktime incompetent oafs
  12. I echo these sentiments although I never personally knew the bloke I really liked his contributions to this site my condolences to his family during this very sad time and if there is we as a community and the players could take from Kelvin is his amazing signature T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More some of our players could do with remembering this. I also wish Kelvin could have seen us in a better time. Say hello to Uncle Jack from all of us RIP Kelvin.
  13. Ben I must admit I did not expect to be in this perilous position again but given the naievity of our owners we might have to stock up on coffins at least the funeral trade in Blackburn will be doing a roaring trade with these clowns in charge of our club!. Abbey I would personally burn them alive!. Please Preston Maggie has got nothing on these incompetent clowns!. Abs how about with one of them trucks they use for construction!.
  14. I wish people would stop questioning it Kamy has stated before JJ was sacked upon Keano's suggestion as we know Kamy is very reliable when it comes to news and as SK has form for stabbing people in the back Sam/McDonald etc... I have to say that LET article poses more questions than answers & his int on SSN illustrates that.
  15. you know what they say putting the cart before the horse sums them up perfectly.
  16. Mercerman wrote: Heard that Kean was incredibly shifty @ today's Presser when questioned on subject. I agree he did on that granada reports normally he looks very bright eyed confident when he comes out all smarmy today he looked shifty also if you look back to another presser he did he said he wanted to freshen things up being in the bottom 3 wanted to freshen up the backroom team so am not surprised he's blabbed to save his own sorry skin. Sir Lars wrote:Wonder what Kean answered to the question: Who is responsible for Rovers results? Did he say Jensen? If not..the obvious follow question would be: Why wasnt you sacked? Hope somebody asked those questions. I am absolutely convinced those questions would have been asked but don't get your hopes up on it appearing anywhere on TV what with editing it will probably get lost along with the bit of him calling us morons. arbitro wrote:The imposter showed all his usual shiftiness in his press conference today, displaying all the traits of a very poor liar. A few days ago I disliked him as a football manager, now I dislike him intensely as a person. I didn't know you regarded him as a football manager I thought he was known as the guy who is playing Russian Roulette with our clubs future and taking everyone down with him bit like the titanic except that was quicker this is over a period of time slower with painful consequences. But I agree I hate him as a person I wonder what his excuse will be this week love the pictures booth who can I blame next how about not enough dew on the grass?,Injuries,Suspensions,no assistant to help,the fact we ventured 70 or 80% into their box but through none of his fault we failed to put the ball in the back of their net and failed to retain our shape when defending take your pick? It has become so repetitive now Baldy probably believes his own BS Topman wrote:Love how Kean thinks one win against Arsenal would win over the protesters. yeah that made me laugh also notice how he conveniently forgets about the newcastle game probably suffering from some form of forgetfullness
  17. The thing that really puzzles me & illustrates the owners don't know what they are doing. Can someone explain to me they got rid off Jensen because off the poor start to the season but it is Kean who has bought those players. Surely the manager should be held accountable for the problems or as stated before is it really steve kean actually buying the players and picking the team?. Or as stated before is someone at the club buying players over Steve Kean's head it just seems weird him going and the lack of information in that statement it poses more questions with not a lot of answers. Does anyone also think everytime the owners make a statement whether they sack someone or someone leaves they say as little as possible before we got a big statement saying why someone was sacked or why someone had walked since they (Venkys) have come in the statements have shrinked & they say as little as possible without any proper explanations. I even a couple of months emailed them to find out about the clubs own tv channel where we are with it but so far after 3 months have got no reply.
  18. I have to say I would take Kamy's word for it as he is usually quite reliable with these things with regards to sackings and also as Baldy has form for stabbing people in the back SA etc.. but have to say I am appalled by this guys actions as everyone knows the buck always stops with the manager seems as though this slimy toad will do anything but do the right thing I hope after Sat's beating they finally get rid of Baldy I also feel looking at the official article that statement says nothing about the reasons for JJ leavingvery weird statement and very short very poor show from the club just releasing 2 line statements.
  19. I have to say if that article is correct and Benni is earning £50,000 p.week + image rights money they deserve to be relegated. I agree it should have been done in private with Gold/Sullivan,but good business to get rid of him as he was so out of shape. Although looking at that pic in the Mirror I thought he looked one of those huge steak & kidney puds!. LOL! that pic does not do him any justice!.
  20. RIP my condolences to the family and to his family and kids
  21. I can't believe some on here at the end of the day whatever went on his attitude to miss training for 3 days was totally uncalled for and further proof he would do anything to get his move
  22. can someone please confirm have we actually received any dosh for Benni or is it sorted when the visa issues are sorted? thanks.
  23. I can't believe what I am reading here thinking back today first off for going awol he should never get paid as he refused to turn up for training also I see blaming SA for him going is total madness I suppose now if he does not get the call up for the world cup I suppose it is Sam's fault? blame everyone else it is clearly his own fault he is paid a handsome sum to make sure he is fit and available for selection hitting his weight targets yes maybe he did not fit in with BFS system but he still an an obligation to the contract stay fit and challenge whoever is starting for a first team place and I have to say after his antics I would not be at all surprised if the manager of S.Africa does not pick him I have to say I back Sam on his stance because whatever happened there is no excuse for not turning up for training am glad he's gone as he can't cause dressing room unrest we can get someone in who wants to play for the shirt bye bye fatty don't let the barndoor hit you on the way out
  24. well looking at it I have to say I am absolutely appalled at the scenes. They should get the maximum penalty but they won't probably just a warning to their future behaviour. I also think it is disgusting & wrong to involve children in such dangerous situations in their petty little arguments it is not a good example to set children. I hope the nspcc get involved but as many say with T.Brooking on the FA's board and in view of what happened about the Tevez saga they will probably get off very lightly. I hope not though.
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