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Not for many years. We do have a chat room, but it's ... temporarily out of action. I'd try and fix it, but we seem to have a flood of poker requests.

Are you letting those people play that have only just joined to play the game? Seems a bit crappy if one of those people were to win it.

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We have had a huge flood of new apps over the last few days, no doubt just for the poker, most have been left at pending, but the odd one may have snuck through (I gave a few early ones the benefit of the doubt that they were lurkers who read but don't post, especially if they had a UK ip addresses and traceable email accounts). I've also got a huge number of PM requests and a few people using the "report to moderator" function to ask me to add them. But if it's a new account, with no new posts until today, then they won't be getting access to the poker section (and therefore the tourney password).

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