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[Archived] Starting A Website

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I know that there are some really talented people on here and everyone knows how I like to use this forum for personal advice and help so I thought I would come here once again...

I'm looking to set-up my own website where I can post daily articles and links and things, nothing complicated, but I'd like it to look really good and also then be fairly easy for me to use. I don't want to use a blogging site or anything like that as I'd like it to be an entirely independent thing.

How hard would this be to do? Is there anyone that could help me?

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When you say "I don't want to use a blogging site or anything like that as I'd like it to be an entirely independent thing" do you mean "I don't want to use a site like blogger or live journal, I want something that looks like it's all my own work" ? If so, then we have just soft-launched a service that could be right what you need. £40 a year (and 100% of that goes to help keep this site running) gives you your own website using one of the most popular blog/website frameworks, the same stuff that used on everything from the 10 Down Street website to well, my blog (and I'll also link my friends site who is also here on BRFCS as hers is prettier). The software can be used for either blogs or small-medium websites (we have our first business website about to go live) and it fairly easy to configure (there a loads of online videos and tutorials), for the none arty types there are loads of pre-designed free templates to chose from.

£40 gets you a site on here (but the design, content and customization are down to you) called http://<yourname>.wordpress.brfcs.com however if you purchase your own domain name (e.g. www.eddieswebsite.com ) you can use that instead.

For more info, email admin@brfcs.com or PM me.

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