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[Archived] ps3 sync problems

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When you turn it on, hold down the power button until you see something on the screen. When you hold down the power button of the PS3 when you are turning it on, it completely resets the video settings to the most basic settings (480p I think) so that it'll work on any TV or monitor. Once you can then get something on the screen, you can configure the video settings to match the TV you are hooking up to.

It has happened to me before too.

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thanks mate, did what you suggested and it worked. crazy that you have to do that, if you switching between the av and hdmi cables.

will i have to do this, if im using the composite cable as well?


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Yeh it recognizes what connection you use and configures itself to that, each time you use a different connection you have to reset it.

I have the same problem with my sons Xbox too for some reason it will recognize the Samsung but cant recognise my LG, annoying as hell it is.

Best off just sticking to one connection.

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