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[Archived] Skype

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Yes, but it's 99% for business / geek contacts. But it's become a tool I couldn't do without. My business line (which is a skype-in number) gets 10 times as many calls as my home landline, most of the clients / teams I work with have permanent skype chat conversations going and one of them uses it for regular video meetings/scrums as one of the team can't get into the office so often. It even saved me a fortune 'cos I've now shown my wife how to make the regular 6pm calls to her mother (i.e. before my landline is free) using it.

Essential technology for me now.

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Until it goes down. :huh:

But I use Skype everyday and as mentioned it's a life saver. I pay a monthly fee and I can call from Asia to UK landlines unlimited and to US landlines and mobiles. One day I hope they get it sorted out properly on smartphones as what we have at the moment is half of what you get when you use the desktop software.

For some reason the MAC software is very poor compared to the windows offering.

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