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[Archived] How to transfer files ie pics etc to iPhone

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on behalf of a friend, he would like to know, how do you transfer or how can you transfer files from a windows PC to his iPhone. As he is new to iPhone, he is a bit clueless

any responses will be appreciated. The one thing i heard was using iPhone Explorer or something like that.



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Guest Walshy

iFunbox is a good one that I use. It is best to jailbreak the phone then you can transfer with numerous pieces of software.

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Haven't done it so this is a guess. I find iTunes is a bit of a pig for anything other than syncing music and contacts or calendar. This works for getting things off iPhone so may work the other way.

Open iTunes

Disable the "sync on connection" feature or similar

Close iTunes

Connect iPhone via USB

Windows will detect and ask how you want to connect?

Chose camera option or similar


Windows now sees the iPhone as another drive


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