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[Archived] Virus kill

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I'm struggling to remove a virus from a computer. It is one that pops up and says the computer is infected etc. The virus is called 'Antivirus Protection Trial', is anyone familiar with this? I've seen quite a few recently and have been able to kill the process with rkill and then use Malware Antibytes to remove the virus. This version makes it impossible to run anything. Has anyone got any ideas?

Cheers in advance :tu:

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Heya, a couple of weeks I had a sod of a malware on my computer and couldn't shift it - I'd run anti-virus, malbytes, super anti spyware etc and nowt would get rid of it.

I come across this website BleepingComputer.com and someone on there helped me get rid of it. It took them a couple of days to first respond - you will see it does get rather inundated - but once they'd responded first time it took a few replies sending them log files from all kinds of little programs and then it was gone. I'm not really sure which program actually got rid of it the end, but its been brilliant so far. I'd recommend it, but you do need a little patience :)

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Cheers Jedward!

Suppose I should have mentioned that I've already tried that. And done Command Prompt. Really don't want to have to reload it as it would be a massive pain in the arse.

Cheers Clare.

Probably don't have a couple of days. It's for a customer's computer. Will give it a go though.

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