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[Archived] Help Needed!

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I have arranged a surprise meal for my parents to celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary! At the moment they think that they are going away with my brother and I for a weekend away (which they are) but what they don't know is that we have arranged for 50 of their friends to arrive at the hotel to help them celebrate. (How I hope they haven't suddenly decided to read the message board!)

This whole event is taking place at the Dunkenhalgh so what I need ideas for are...

Where can we take them for the day on Saturday? I was thinking about going to Rovers vs Wolves but thinking I won't get away with that so it needs to be good to make up for missing that. Or somewhere that my brother can take them so I don't have to!

On the Sunday we will have a whole host of people who have stayed over and want to arrange a nice pub lunch for them somewhere closeish maybe combined with a walk/ stroll around - any ideas?

On the Friday night we are debating eating in the Dunkenhalgh or going somewhere different for dinner - what do you think -anywhere close that is good/ interesting?

Any help appreciated

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You'll need to give your parents a couple of hours' warning so that the "surprise party" is in fact not what it is meant to be.

People don't like to be surprised and, the older people get the less they can cope with being surprised. It's not a TV show, it's life.

If you drop your parents in a completely alien and unexpected situation they will probably not like it even though they will be among friends & relatives. It takes away a sense of control that they probably have and like.

Apart from that, Wycoller is good for a ramble; The "Singing Ringing Tree" on the moors above Burnley is impressive (on a windy day when it *ahem* sings). Salisbury Hall; Lewis Textile Museum. I suppose it depends on their background.


Hope it goes well


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