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  1. Sure someone will have mentioned this already but I have just finished reading the girl with a dragon tattoo. It was brilliant, well written and gripping. I am now starting the next one in the trilogy.
  2. Went to see Gulliver's Travels last night. Had high hopes for it but I was unimpressed with the 3D effects and at times I was bored. Some funny moments but don't think it was worth paying to go see. Wait until it's on sky!
  3. We had free tickets to go and see this as a preview and it is just that a good watchable movie. It is one of those films that people should get the dvd of to watch, much cheaper than the cinema! Went to see the previews of Love and other drugs which was really good although probably a bit girly for you lot! Off to see The Next Three Days on Tuesday - hopefully will be another good preview.
  4. I went and watched Lincoln play Chesterfield and then Stanley - they were rubbish! Heard loads of stuff about what has happened but think the outcome is for the best. Lincoln is a ###### hole and their fans are absolute idiots. Sure Ian Pearce will go somewhere else and get some more experience before going back into management!!!
  5. http://www.redimps.co.uk/page/MatchReport/0,,10440~48398,00.html Pearce and Sutton up to no good!!!
  6. Just got back having been to that restuarant! I have to say you all had it spot on! Tiny and food alright! We were cramped in and it felt like we had gone to dinner with the couple on the table next to our table but luckily we ended up sat quite far away from the door. There was a queue out of the door most of the night with people coming to pick up take aways so it felt like you were eating in a zoo but the food was really nice. Bit disappointed when we arrived to find a set 'valentines menu' but after some negotiations I got what I wanted!!! Thanks for the help
  7. My dad has just phoned to tell me that he has booked to take me to a cantonese in guide - Guide Village i think he said. A couple of people have made brief comments about it on this thread - just checking it is ok! Nothing worse than a crap chinese!!!
  8. Sounds like the Old Mill!! It's part of a chain - the name of which escapes me at the moment but The Bear in Berkswell is part of it as well. Browns food is like a canteen with a service hatch! Don't send people to Wing Wahs - It is less than 5 minutes from where I live and its like a canteen! If you want to eat lots then go there I suppose but I wouldn't go there for quality chinese food! It's not even particularly cheap. Coventry lacks nice restaurants. The Gallery in Earlsdon was nice last time I went but you pay for that privelege. Saxon Mill heading into Warwick is nice Why have I just typed all that - Who in their right mind would come to Coventry for dinner!!!
  9. How bizarre I never thought I would be reading about restaurants in Coventry on here!!! I don't even class Browns as a restaurant! I know it serves food and that probably qualifies it to be one but its more of a wine bar. A very selective wine bar - depends on what you look like as to whether you get in or not! Never been to the Bagington Arms Ill have to find it! The Old Mill over that way serves good pub food. As for Curry - Rupali in Tile Hill is very good but the best place is heading into Birmingham on the A45 called Jilabi! Its small, friendly and serves lovely curry!
  10. Read 'The Kite Runner' and also read 'No time for goodbye' which has since been named Richard and Judy's Summer read - loved both of them and couldnt put them down! I did watch The Kite Runner film yesterday and was disappointed about the chunks that had been left out and didn't feel they captured the relationships and feelings as it does in the book. I'm trying to find a book for my class that I vaguely remember having it read to us at school about the adventures of this little man who lives in a fridge. Can anyone shed any light on the title or author of this book?
  11. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/sport/foot...rticle13895.ece Just found this - Ben Burgess doing a column for the News of the World. Not sure if it has been mentioned elsewhere but the last paragraph really made me laugh.
  12. Just been for lunch at The Olive Press in Bolton. It is part of Heathcotes. Lovely food, excellent sevice, really enjoyed it! Even better - Mum paid!!!
  13. You think chippies in Blackburn are rubbish - you should try buying chips in Cov! They don't have a clue!!! I've never managed to find a chip shop that doesn't sell lumpy gravy or curry sauce!!!
  14. I've been going to this restaurant for years with my parents and I have to say it make fantastic chinese food. Last time we went though we were very disappointed the tone of the restaurant - it has gone very tacky and loud! Food is still excellent though!
  15. Now that would have been interesting if Mark Hughes had become the Man Utd boss - Carrick sold to Portsmouth!!! No more huge house needed up north anymore for Carrick!. There are massive issues with housing in the Turton and Edgworth area at the moment. Extensions seem small fry. The number of houses that are going up in people's gardens around the area is a joke. My parents recently lost a battle to prevent a house being built that looked into their bedroom and lounge. The whole back of the house looks over Mum and Dad's garden so what used to be a lovely private piece of land is now overlooked. It started off as a two bedroom house and was built as a four - and when it was investigated retrospective planning permission was given! Not far from where Neill's house is a converted barn where Gary Neville, in Bradshaw. He has lived here for years now but when it was all planned people in the local area protested massively. It was agreed that if he planted a few trees they would allow him to develop it in any way he wanted! Seems to me if you have money you can build what you want - especially if you are a footballer.
  16. I knew he had extended his house a lot but I have to say that it hasn't impacted on the landscape that much. His house overlooks the jumbles resevoir which is where my parental unit live and we regularly walk up and around the golf course and Turton Tower - it combines well with going to the pub on the way back. From the road looking up over the moors you can't tell at all that he has extended it and there are only about three other houses up there. There is still plenty of room for the cows and sheep to graze. It preferable he extends his house rather than builds six more in his garden which is the norm for the Turton area at the moment.
  17. As far as I am aware he still has his huge house in Turton which has been extended massively. It caused quite a storm locally. I'd have him back if he reduced his wage bill. He is a good player and not bad looking if all else fails.
  18. Yeah that is the one! A lovely row of shops including Co-op and Motor world!!!
  19. Well done AESF! I knew it was a team from up North! Who knows in ten years time the little buggers that I teach could well be ring leaders for the football violence in the midlands. Judging by their behaviour this week they are well on the way to it! BTW I still stand by what I said earlier Coventry is no more of a ###### hole than a lot of places across Britain.
  20. I live on the outskirts of Tile Hill - What I would like to think of as Tile Hill Village! Was it Rupali that you went to? THat place has won loads of awards - and yes it is really nice! Coventry isn't the best but I would certainly defend it over the ###### area of Brum you live in Floppy. They are doing a lot of regeneration and it isnt a bad place to live. As for the thugs - we go and watch Coventry every now and then and they do have some loonatics! What i dont understand about that article AESF about the violence is why pick Earlsdon high street - it is a lovely little part of Coventry which has a high demand for property, nice little families etc etc. I know it is close(ish) to the train centre but there are closer pubs that are rough and much more suitable! AESF what about finding the article when the fighting between Coventry fans and was it Burnely fans led to a steward dying???
  21. Talk about a knee jerk reaction. Hughes has not become a bad manager over night. He had no money at the start of the season did he? When we were winning was it a problem? I really hope he doesn't read this. The team needs our backing to get through this!
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