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  1. You'd hope the club will be planning to be all over this trying to reap the rewards from the exposure of the club, especially if it is well made.
  2. Be interesting to see if he returns to the Premier League. I'm sure clubs like West Ham / Everton will be wondering whether they could attract someone like him.
  3. Yet again ifollow does not working for UK Blackburn fans listening to the game. Unbelievably awful service.
  4. UK users: Do you have to rejoin iFollow if you were originally a PlayerHD subscriber for the match commentary last season? I thought we got transferred over but in my bank account it says FL INTERACTIVE LIM Cancelled.
  5. The ifollow commentary for UK supporters doesn't even work. Complete joke!
  6. When she dropped that catch I was thinking she'd be starring in the next Pizza Hut adverts but thankfully the next ball (i think) they won it. Brilliant.
  7. Excellent result for England in the Women's World Cup Final. It could have gone either way with a dozen or so balls left to play but we came out on top in a great ending. Well done!
  8. I am loving the hype of the Mayweather v McGregor fight but only because I predict the actual fight will be a complete disappointment. It is reminding me of the old WWE promos with The Rock, Jericho, Austin, Mankind etc. They should both join the WWE because they're very good at sports entertainment In all seriousness though, the actual art of boxing will be the loser on the night and the two fighters will walk away the winners with huge pay packets. The MMA fans will realise that McGregor is a poor boxer in comparison to boxers who have dedicated their entire lives to the sport and boxing fans will pray never to combine the two again. All the fans who have forked out all that money for PPV will probably feel a bit silly the next morning.
  9. I watched series 1 of 'Wentworth' the other day. Wentworth is the modern version of 'Prisoner: Cell Block H'. The show is great. If you're a fan of 'Orange is the New Black' and 'Oz' then you'd enjoy this. There are some funny moments but it's very gritty, emotional and entertaining. Highly recommended.
  10. You're boring! says Tyson Fury to Wladimir Klitschko. I'm sure he's not boring enough to smash his face in though. Good luck, Tyson Fury. You're going to need it! (And a nose op once he's finished with you).
  11. What teams do people support in other countries? I used to be a huge Lazio fan when Italia Football used to be on Ch4 following the likes of Gazza in Italy. Apart from Lazio I also keep an eye out for Steaua Bucharest after watching a UEFA Cup game there.
  12. Just wondering whether anybody knows any good websites which sell Blackburn Rovers t-shirts?
  13. The darts has been fantastic in the PDC World Championships so far. How good was Simon Whitlock yesterday? He was very impressive!
  14. I still can't believe that the S.Africa World Cup couldn't motivate Benni to get fit and play for his national team hosting the W.C in his own country. What the hell happened to him.....he was great, now he's a joke.
  15. The day we beat West Ham 7-1, especially as we were in the division below the season before. I was sat with all my friends, who all support Saints, and they watched with awe at our performance that day. The next game we drew with Arsenal away (3-3 i think).
  16. I like how it's also been advertised on a Tottenham website. I can understand one of our fans maybe buying it but I can't imagine a single Tottenham fan wanting it. Probably be better if you flogged it on a Gooner website
  17. Just watched the film 'Marley and Me' and nearly cried my eyes out! Only watching Rovers towards the end of last season has left me more depressed than this film!
  18. OZ is one of my favourite TV series of all time because every season is brilliant rather than starting off good and gradually declining in quality like a lot of TV series do. So many people from Lost and Law and Order in it too!
  19. Considering Rochina rejected Barcelona, that technically makes him better than Messi.
  20. A good pre-season means a chance to shine in the first team.
  21. He was a true wrestling legend. My favourite ever Wrestlemania match featured Macho Man against Flair at WM8.
  22. I quite like stadiums which look unique and have a bit of character. It beats most of the unoriginal stadiums teams seem to build these days.
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