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[Archived] 9/11

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Surprised there wasn't already a topic to commemorate 9/11.

The day the world stood still. I can only imagine it was like for those poor people whose lives were stolen that day, and my heart goes out to the families left behind. I do hope that no one here lost someone precious to them on that day and if so, you have my condolences.

Although I did just happen upon this story which soured the remembrance:

Embassy protesters burn US flag

They were discussing on breakfast TV about how Muslims are 'victimized' in this country due to the paranoia & mistrust of the White British public. However, it's precisely this kind of obscene behaviour which outrages people and clouds their opinion of the Islamic faith. No doubt it's unfair to tar all Muslims with the same brush, but I also believe that the Islamic community itself is patently not doing enough to monitor their own people.

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The videos and images of the people jumping is what gets me worst. Most of it is hidden suffering I suppose but they put a more human element to it.

I saw one documentary that had the sound of one of them landing which was awful.

Poor form by the BBC earlier during the service talking over the reading of the names of the lost.

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