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Just read on the official web site that the FF is decribed as representing the interests of all fans.....interesting.

The latest FF minutes are on there; does the FF ever raise any contentious issues like our absent owners the Venkys, or abuse of Rovers fans by BRFC employees please?

Otherwise I am pleased to note that the issues of leaks (been happening in the JW Upper for 5 or 6 + years) in the stands and the missing flag poles are being raised.

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Due to the issue raised by many fans prior to the Pune trip, we sadly lost half the normal meeting time (after the close of the meeting, so I assume not minuted) to discussing issues like elected officials and formalising processes for applying to the forum and other stuff I consider to be a complete waste of time, as in a few months nobody will care again and we'll have more spaces than interested people. This can be seen already, we publicized quite vociferously that people with issues to raise should attend the agenda-setting pre-meet (which is open to all) and guess how many turned up? Zero, none, nada, not a single person. So it was just the same people as always who were there,

Also, the minutes never give an accurate reflection of the time spent on any one point, you highlighted two items from AoB that covered about 20 seconds in total (AoB tends to be met with "we'll look into that" and then reported on a the next meeting).

That said. It wasn't the most productive meeting we've ever had and the protest, the actions by the club and people reactions to the were discussed, but I can't imagine much got minuted at very little of any "meat" was said (the fans are unhappy and it's getting worse is hardly news to the club). I do have to hold my hands up an say I forgot I'd promised to ask whose call it was to crank up the music, but I suspect the answer would be, they don't know.

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fair enough, and honest sounding, comment. Thanks Glenn

Others may give a slightly more glowing review than I did. I just have a bee in my bonnet about the futility of formalising process when in a few month time it'll be unnecessary again (and having to drive from Leeds and back to talk about it), so far there like a grumpy git throughout proceedings.

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