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  1. No one has fucked over WATR and no one is trying to. What a strange comment to make.
  2. The new hospitality offering for 2024/25 with upgraded lounges: https://online.fliphtml5.com/lcgr/lwzq/
  3. We Are The Rovers Annual General Meeting information: https://www.roverstrust.com/news/agm-calling-notice https://www.roverstrust.com/news/chairs-report-and-comments-2023-24 https://www.roverstrust.com/news/annual-general-meeting-raffle
  4. Agreed. I was not ‘celebrating’. It is a step in the right direction where we can clearly see the influence of WATR. There is a long way to go. Now Rovers need to market the offer which is another story.
  5. The Club have clearly listened to the We Are The Rovers supporters trust and the Fans Forum. They have not gone as far as we would have wished but there are signs they have listened and acted in some areas We wanted a loyalty points scheme and we wanted an entry price for new fans in the Riverside albeit the Riverside offer structured differently. Clearly we would have wanted more but the Club is risk averse.; they would probably describe it as being careful. Positive moves…..We Are The Rovers will continue to influence.
  6. I m off to Chorley Lidl this morning. I will buy some for the next meeting - it will be a Fan Takeover 🙄
  7. Thank you for your constructive advice as always, at least it was not the usual abusive tirade. I am a Hobnob man; I will ask the club to order some in for our next meeting.
  8. Mike E, if you have any issues with the Trust please raise them with us direct. You have my mobile number and email address long with Duncan’s and others. We do get a lot of constructive and positive feedback. Thanks, Mike
  9. It is 15% on any profit. It may also mean (this is guesswork) that the remaining £12m is paid to Rovers. In my opinion selling AW was the low point of last season.
  10. No. Even GB confirmed that while conspiracy theories abound it was an error within the club. McGuires agent was advised before the player boarded the plane that we were not buying him outright; he was a rookie footballer 6 months out of college. It was not a last minute change of mind.
  11. If you bothered to read my post rather than jump to conclusions I was informing people what happened rather than apportioning blame. I don’t do conspiracy theories thank you.
  12. I can’t answer the bit about Billy Koumetio apart from maybe a loan signing is a different process but that is only guessing. With the McGuire transfer a secretarial member of staff did the inputting with IS checking over her shoulder.
  13. The EFL now have a portal system and only one person per club is authorised to use it via a password. The Club Secretary, IS, informed colleagues at 9pm (a full two hours before the the deadline) that the transfer had been completed; it was only when they completed the transfer of Fleck immediately before 11pm that they realised something was wrong. Any system of such importance should have a fail safe checking process. It is called a telephone and someone should have made a follow up call to check all was in order. There is only one person to blame and he is the guy authorised to access the portal. He has now left.
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