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i posted in my paint shop thread but it may have got lost there...but ive tried (1st attempt..its rough n ready ,,wouldnt have it any other way) to set a site/forum for bronco fans overseas ...any critism and advice is welcome.

can someone come up with logo using this for me..373778_10150405917660995_665855994_8711352_1234372169_n.jpg

but changing raider hater into overseas orange army ....either underneath over or both ..or anything

cheers abs

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can anyone point me in the direction of how to get html snippets from an invision forum?

pm if you want. thanks.

Do you mean like a picture? If so right click it and goto 'properties' The address for it will be there where you can then add to a browser and copy.

I may have not understood though :blush:

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another question...Im after a league table . Ive got the standerd one but it needs to manually inputted and changed.Does anyone know where how i can find one that i change standings by changing only the games won column,


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