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[Archived] Citrix XenApp

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Hello all :tu:

Looking for someone who's a bit more technically minded than I am to help speed Citrix up. I've a load of PDFs to read, and I'm sure there'll be more when I start at university and it's taking far too long to read them. Taking about 5 minutes just to read a single page which is clearly far too slow.

Any ideas on how to speed it up a bit? The rest of the remote desktop works fine - just struggling with something I will need a lot.

Cheers in advance

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Hi Ohmi. A few Qs:

Are you working on your home PC or at work/uni.

Are the pdfs you're opening stored on the computer you're working on or the same system that hosts Citrix.

Whose Citrix is it - work/college/uni etc.

Even with the above info I'm not sure how much help I could be; your best bet would be to contact the IT visa who look after your Citrix system. It may be all you have to do is open the files a slightly different way, or they could deliver the app to you differently. Tell them you're unable to work with it how it is (if it was my IT dept we'd sort something out but support levels vary ;) ).

Unfortunately there's not much you can do at a client end to affect Citrix, that's kind of the point of it. Let me know if your IT bods fob you off.

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I've been working from home. I'm guessing that they are stored on the computers at the university, but I've not actually started yet but cannot be too sure. It's a uni Citrix. All the files are for helping me prepare for uni.

Today I tried them at work though and they worked fine so we've cancelled our Orange broadband & BT line and ordered 30mb from Virgin; paying similar price too. Will sort the problem I'm hoping at home.

Cheers for your reply though.

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ordered 30mb from Virgin; paying similar price too. Will sort the problem I'm hoping at home.

Wouldn't count on it. Had my usual "Access Denied" messages on my router again this morning followed by a period of no internet access. Virginmedia. great when it works. Useless at all other times.

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I can't speak technically but as one who works remotely from all over the country and occasionally Europe. I use many different connections, public WiFi, phone, hotel, customer's etc My experience is this:

First, sorry to say it, but Citrix is pretty poor. On the other hand GoToMyPC works every time and has only failed me once, when I needed an update. If you are able to use GTMPC that would be my first choice. If its uni I doubt you can.

Recently we replaced our office machines and now run W7. One old machine running XP is still in use as we haven't yet found decent fax software for W7. At home I have an XP laptop and a W7. I've noticed that if one cross uses operating systems W7 client to XP host or XP client to W7 host there is a significant drop in speed whereas a W7 to W7 or XP to XP is very quick and acceptable.

In your position I'd be looking to try running your client machine to match the host.

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I've a load of videos, websites and tutorials to read prior to starting at university and they all seemed to work fine. Especially with the 50mb broadband we have at work. It just struggles on PDFs at home. Adobe is slow even when ran native so using terminal services is going to slow it down anyway.

Cheers for your input, Paul and if I do have issues with crashing etc then I'll have to dual boot my PC with XP. I'd be very surprised if we can change the client. I'm guessing most users don't struggle or the university' would have changed.

My wife had been with Orange broadband 2006 and she has little interest in technology so when it's slowed down by the ISP at peak times or drops out she gets on with it. I've always found it annoying but stuck with as it's not been that that important. Knowing we can get 6x faster broadband for what we're paying BT and Orange is a no brainer though.

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