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[Archived] OMG

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You started it as always with an unfounded claim that I know TomM very well when I have only ever met him twice. You have persisted in pursuing your own stupid vendetta as only you can and may I point out that the very first words on this thread was 'Locals only'. Having scuttled off to the other end of the globe some time ago you have no place commenting on here, so just back off and remember to make an another appointment with your shrink. Your 'Black dog' is approaching again it seems.

No doubt your 'fragile' state requires you to have the last word, so you can have. I'll not respond to your goading again.

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Dear chap you are worse than a vindictive old woman.

As you may have read, Glenn is after some help with the site.

Given your self proclaimed knowledge and ability to always be right, I'm sure he'd accept any offer with open arms.

I believe the site is after a media liaison officer.

Perhaps you consider that?

Yours lovingly


PS cock You gloated about being almost family so wind your neck in. Also stop stuttering when you're angry :D

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