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  1. I guess then it boils down to 'you can take a man out of Asia but you can't take Asia out of the man'.
  2. Tip the waiter / waitress separately then. I rem the custom used to be to leave a tip on the table and under a plate.
  3. I dislike going out for Italian food tbh. I find it overrated and overpriced but I can make an exception for antipasto on a hot day with a glass of fine wine.
  4. Be wary........... http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/13600553.Food_hygiene_shock_as_nearly_120_outlets_deemed_in_need_of____urgent____or____major____improvements/?ref=mr&lp=7 Don't want to single them out unfairly but a couple of notable inclusions caught my eye... Lily Mae's in Accy and Brendan Anderton Butchers Longridge.
  5. Don't tell me that you didn't check that before you flit??? btw My daughter likes gravy with her fish and chips gav! Can't say it's ever appealed to me. Gravy is for chips and steak pudd with a large glug of vinegar.
  6. I've been told the staff training at the O&O is to a very high standard.
  7. There isn't but there should be. MU do polarise opinion and I'd wager no matter how well they are supported it wont amount to as many as the massed ranks of abu's. His arm was at full stretch ffs! I could understand the ref because Edwards arm would prob have been hidden by his body but even with the sun against him the linesman should have seen it! The ref should have learned something from the reaction of both sets of players and the supporters too!. (btw given the plethora of cricketers and golfers playing in shades these days I've never seen a match official in them. I'd have thought sunglasses and or a cap with a neb would assist linesmen no end, especially when I noticed most of the Riverside doing their customary 'salute' when the sun is in their eyes.
  8. I've been scratching my head on that for over 50 years now, but they do! Appears summert to do with a plane crash and then some kid with a haircut like the Beatles.
  9. Resurrected this Officials thread because of last saturday's officials aberration The C5 comment on the incident was should Edwards have owned up? Forgetting the issue that it was a vital away goal if he had confessed he'd then have been booked I presume? If so then why would it have been a caution? How can it be fair that if a defender had stopped a certain goal by palming the ball wide he would have been sent off without any arguments but in this instance the ball was palmed in. A goal through cheating is the same as a goal prevented by cheating isn't it? i'd wager if this was deemed a sending off offence Edwards would never have dared do what he did? Just as an aside heaven help a Spurs forward if he'd got away with one of those at OT on Saturday.... the press, media, FA, Premier League, politicians, celebrities from Essex, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all would have been building a gallows as we speak!
  10. Burnley Express might have just been derailed for Trent Bridge!
  11. Used to be the Red Cat. tbh Paul, no I haven't but I've spoken to someone just recently who enjoyed his meal there. Anyway if they won't serve you it's a long way behind isn't it?
  12. No idea who you spoke to but I would always ask for the owner / Manager in that situation. Often bar staff can be bullied by a chef wanting an early night. Next up I'd have gone to the Fat Bull / O&O / Butlers / Clog, all within three miles and as good or better than the Royal Oak. Granted at this point that I don't know where you live CLB.
  13. Best seafood that I have ever eaten by a mile was in a tiny unassuming restaurant in Ullapool. The owner had a fishing boat and his wife ran the restaurant. I keep meaning to go back but it's a bloody long way and the weather forecast always seems to be for rain.
  14. Just had a click around and the Clog is 3 and my other usual haunts Butlers, Millstone and O&O are all 5. Sharpen up RVI!
  15. Golf is too tough for you abbey ????Wow! I'd never have guessed that you were a little "limp wristed"!
  16. I understand Anson Bolton is leaving the Millstone at Mellor. He'll be a tough act to follow.
  17. Correct but just as a one of the prats could caddy Al! btw..They'd not be welcome in the clubhouse afterwards of course. Limited to pop and crisps in the car.
  18. Sorry just edited my previous post before I read your response. So if it goes ahead your opening sentence must be balderdash and if it doesn't go ahead then the figures are correct and the money men whom you detest will have become an unlikely ally and done your dirty work for you Jim.
  19. So take away the National park bit which you inserted as an aside and what is your main objection to potash mining? btw isn't there talk that they will build an underground rail link from the mine to Teeside in order to not spoil the local area? Even latter day luddites like yourself will have to accept that as proof of good intent surely?
  20. Conclusive proof that dinosaurs are not yet extinct.
  21. 'handlebars'? You can't beat these for comfortable touring....
  22. 'Fracking rocks'. Hey! That could be a great name for a kids TV programme.
  23. No idea why that would be but it's great news if you are looking to buy.
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