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[Archived] NHL Playoffs 2012

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the NHL playoffs start on Wednesday. If you're not a fan or just a casual observer of the sport I suggest watching some games during the playoffs. The pace the game is played is completely different than the regular season and it's worth your time. I'd suggest watching Pittsburgh-Philadelphia the two teams are bitter rivals and there will be a lot of fights. that said you cant really go wrong watching any NHL playoff series.

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It was great to see Raffi Torres getting that suspension for that sickening hit on Marian Hossa. He's a little scumbag who has a history of that sort of thing. Not that it slowed down the Coyotes. Beating the Blackhawks in 5 is some going. I was happy to see the Kings and Blues win a series since God knows when. Nashville looked very impressive in the way they disposed of the Red Wings. They have arguably the best goalie in the league in Pekka Rinne and if you have a hot goalie in the playoffs that can make all the difference, evening forgetting the fact that he has Shea Weber, Ryan Sutter, Alexander Radulov, David Legwand and Martin Erat in front of him.

Out East, I was glad to see the Pens get dumped. There's something about them I just don't like. I can't say what it is, but I just can't warm to Malkin, Crosby, Letang and Fleury, despite them being amongst the best players in the league. It shows how much I don't like them that I'm please that the Flyers beat them! The Rangers v Senators and Bruins v Capitals has turned out to be a lot closer than we all thought.

The playoffs are great, I just wish the Sabres were in there so I could enjoy them more!

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