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  1. Thanks for all the kindness at Bournemouth!

  2. Just bought bastion off XBLA after hearing some good things. Don't think I've ever played a game like it. Excited to start this week.
  3. Ugh Heroes, what a great concept that started wonderfully and never even ended.
  4. That's my favorite CD of his! Very jealous as I've never seen him live. Old crue is more my style when it comes to them, anything after Dr Feelgood is just meh though Generation Swine had a few okay songs on it. The Rock (as the prudential center is known) is a really great venue. Sorry for the oppressive heat we've been having. If you see this sometime before you gig and have any questions or anything at all feel free to shoot me a PM. Enjoy the visit!
  5. Just got back from The Deer Hunter and Anthony Green. Wow what an amazing show.
  6. Absolutely. Done with fifa after my g/f bought me 12 last year. Sticking to NHL as my only sports game from here on out.
  7. hahah thanks ill pass along the get well wishes! Wound up going from terrace to vip before the end of the night. good time out.
  8. Saw Avicii last week. Set was sick and so was his staging/effects.
  9. A lot of what is great has already been said but just want to throw one out there I haven't seen mentioned yet: House of Lies on Showtime. Very good first series, 12 episodes. Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell, Richard Schiff ,Ben Schwartz, and quite a few more. Also, obligatory BSG and GoT endorsements.
  10. Had the pleasure of reading a book a friend of mine wrote and it has received amazing feedback and success. I think it is a very sweet, touching and funny story of a girl and the bond her and her eccentric father share. It's called "the reading promise" by Alice Ozma. Please let me know if anyone reads it, I'd love to hear what you thought and pass along some feedback.
  11. 22 year old Rovers fan from New Jersey, USA. Aside from following footy, big MMA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and AFL fan. Also play a decent amount of games, though right now I only have an xbox if you want to add me. Rovers supporter since Sparky and a proud member of The NYCRovers.
  12. Of course! In settings it is in avatars -> pre installed avitars -> dropdown UserAvitars -> Roversusa

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