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[Archived] Potential new football coaching webiste

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Hi Everyone,

Myself and a couple of colleagues are considering starting up a website for football coaching that's a little bit different and we were hoping you’d be willing to fill in a short survey to gauge your interest. We see plenty of websites that offer sessions, advice etc., but these route ways don't give you the coach the skills needed to design your own sessions. Basically we want a website that has sessions but explains why they are the way they are and gives you guys the tools to go away and create your own. Sports science support is being considered as well, how to make your players fitter, what to drink and eat and when and so on. Both I and my colleague have several years’ experience within the pro game and are always being asked Q's about sessions etc. so felt this would allow others to benefit from our knowledge and without having to pay out hundreds of pounds on training courses that most just can't afford. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questionnaire and enjoy your days!!

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Good luck with this Majiball. :tu:

It would be something I would love to have a crack at although sadly I wouldn`t be able to afford to pay for any courses. :(

That's the point we'd provide you with all the info that you would get on an FA course IE your youth modules (£1500) in the form of PDF's and video's. The whole point is too make the knowledge needed to develop better players more accessible to those that matter IE grassroot coaches. Perhaps I didn't make that too clear. Obviously we'd go further than the FA as we also are at the frontier of sports science and coaching between us all.

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