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[Archived] Football Manager Steam Group

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Quick message to let all you aspiring Football Manager's know that i just created a steam group with fellow Rovers in mind.

The idea behind the group is to get fellow Rover supporters into one place, to discuss tactics, potential transfers and best of all, to organize Network games.

The link to the group is as follows


Please send it on to anyone who might be interested.


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Steam is playing up. Can't search for group, and need a invite to join. Even though its a public group.

My steam username is


Add me and i will add whoever would like to join the group

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There is currently an issue with steam groups, where people are unable to search or join newly created groups.

I got an email from steam that they are aware of the bug , and are trying to resolve it.

For now the best way to join is to add me as a friend, so i can invite anyone who would like to join.

Shindigga is my username.

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