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[Archived] Mentality - Is this the way forward?


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The most successful team since the turn of the century has been Chelsea, they have gone through countless managers, surrounded by a culture of player power and rats leaving ships possess more loyalty, however they have won more in 12 years than United have. I am just more of a believer in better players will win you games, than players that want to win it more.

City have been crap in the Champions league, cannot argue against that. That's what ultimately will do for Mancini.

I believe if RVP played for City then United will not be in the race.

Since (and including) the 1999/00 season, United have won 7 Premier League Titles, 1 FA Cup, 3 League Cups and 1 Champions League.

Chelsea in the same period have won 3 Premier League Titles, 5 FA Cups, 2 League Cups and 1 Champions League.

So Man United have been the most successful team in that period.

If RVP played for City, United wouldn't be in the title race?....United are always in the title race.....City have Aguero, Tevez and Dzeko anyway who have all been scoring this season....and if Utd didn't have RVP, Rooney would just be played further forward.

That is a sweeping generalisation. How many kids from the council estate play Rugby professionally and were in England's world cup winning squad?

Obviously it's a sweeping generalisation....and I don't know, or care, about rugby so I have no idea what the answer to your question is.

But rugby is a team sport and in individual sports, mentality probably becomes a bigger factor as the onus is completely on you.

I agreed with what he said....it certainly made sense when he said it....if you don't then that's fine.....there's no way of knowing the answer anyway.

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I'm just reading Gary Neville's autobiography, "Red." There are some interesting quotes in there regarding United and Ferguson. Basically a mentality has been built up gradually that they will never give in. I'd love to see that attitude at Ewood.

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