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[Archived] If Jordan Rhodes leaves, what next?

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I've already resigned myself sadly to the fact that it is likely that Rhodes will leave before the transfer window shuts. That said, I believe he will be one hell of an act to follow and I consider that the rumours of poor attitude are way off target. He is apparently a model professional, unfazed and works his nuts off in training in an effort to improve his game. Perhaps the off field nonsense has taken its toll, who knows?

Working on the assumption that he's off (hopefully not), we get £10 million (big if) of which £5.5 million goes to Huddersfield allegedly, where will the balance go? Will it be reinvested in the squad or used to reduce financial liabilities?

I'm scratching my head in terms of what to think. I hope there is a gameplan and not more spin. I wondered what others views were.

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No reason to open up a new topic for this, but call me an optimist but I really don't think he'll go.

I don't think anyone will want to stump up the £10+ Million required to buy him unless desperation truly kicks in and then who can actually afford him?

I'd say only Newcastle and they are close to getting Gomis.

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