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[Archived] Brisbane & Sydney news

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Tidy up quick - we've got a visitor!!

As your reading this on the Forum then you'll already know about the changes at BRFCS and the man of many questions Wen Y Hu.

Well guess what?

At considerable expense he has agreed to visit Brisbane & Sydney so that we mere mortals can get to meet him for real!!!

Wen will be holding autograph sessions in a pub near you soon - so if you want to buy him a cider save a date in your diary!

Brisbane - Evening of Mon 3 & all day Tues 4 March

Sydney - Wed 5 March from noon onwards

Times and venues will be arranged to suit.

If you want to catch up for a general Rovers & football natter then this will be a great opportunity.

If you want to find out more about BRFCS.COM then this will be the PERFECT opportunity.

I look forward to meeting the Brisbane guys & to hearing about the Sydney gathering.

A RSVP would be appreciated - and if you have any questions or comments then please get in touch.

Phone is always best 0421752655

Cheers - John

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Kinell john. Don't you buggers down there get out much?

1. Check out the distance Perth To Brisbane x 2

2. Check out the price of flying there x 2

John, I'll let you know later, as I've just put my daughter and family on a plane to Ottawa (via Napa valley CA).

I've got to get the house back into order.

I've got an excuse to come to Brisbane, but I might use that later.

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Cheers Dave - would be good if you could meet up with Wen while he's in town - staying on George St I believe.

I know you always give Wen a great evening, he tells me he looking forward to seeing you all again.

Let me know when yr up this way again - we've got plenty to catch up on!

I'll send you a text message with more details of Wen's sydney stop.

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