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[Archived] We Are These people - Blackburn/Burnley short film

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Not even checking it . Can imagine the dingle scummy bias.

Very open minded.......

Good stuff Kevin I enjoyed that. I'll be watching out next Sunday. Popped it on my Facebook page.

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Kevin, I was pretty critical of you last time out and, to be fair, my suspicions were misplaced. I apologise for that.

However, if you were going for an impartial approach, you could have managed more than 5 minutes at Ewood, and I'm sure you would have got much more support from Rovers fans had you done so.

Still, it's a well made video, even if there is a clear bias in terms of number of Burnley fans to Rovers fans (must be 2 to 1). This could and should have been accommodated, if you were looking for an balanced result. The results would have been better for the effort.

Hey ho, at least I'm being critical of your movie making, rather than your motives, this time out! :rover:

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