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[Archived] Nfl Megathread

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In other news, former New England Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez has been found guilty of murder. He's just been convicted of killing his girlfriend's sister's boyfriend.

He's not done yet either. He has another trial coming up later on this year. He is accused of killing 2 people drive by style after one of them allegedly bumped into him in a nightclub.

The current trial was seen as the harder crime to pin on him due to it's reliance on circumstantial evidence.

It's an unreal story even if you don't follow the NFL. What made a bonfide star do what he did?

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Sources say that it will be announced on Monday that the Eagles sign Tim Tebow for a year. And sounds like the Eagles already have Mark Sanchez who was also at the Jets as QB when Tebow was there. It sounds like the Eagles have already seen Tim Tebow in action in Spring training camp.

Go Tebow!

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