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[Archived] Escape Rooms

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Anyone here done any/many Escape rooms.

A team of 4 of us have been doing the Lucardo ones in Manchester and as we only have one left to do, we're now casting half an eye on where to try next.

Has anyone any good or bad experiences at specific venues?

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Well, we've done all the Lucardo Manchester ones now (bar the entry level one), bosses the hardest room they have with 6 mins to spare last night. 

I'd recommend them to anyone, they're a little 'lock heavy' (i.e. A lot of the puzzles give a combination for a lock) but that's no bad thing as it makes it easier to tell when a puzzle is actually solved. The theming in them are great and they don't rely on darkness half as much as the 'Escape' branded rooms. 

i think we're trying the ones in Bury next.


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