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FSA Fan Led Review needs our help.

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The Football Supporters Association is calling for fans to counteract the actions of football club chairmen & owners who are lobbying against the proposals in the report.

Read the Fan Led Review Document

Read our article on how you can help

In a nutshell the proposals cover the following areas:

  • Governance: an independent regulator for football (IREF) which has the necessary investigative and enforcement powers needed to prevent the recurrence of such developments as the European Super League.
  • Finance: football’s model is unsustainable with too many clubs making losses. Pre-emptive action is needed and a regulator will impose stronger financial controls.
  • Engagement: proposals to embed democratic supporter organisations and engagement within the heart of domestic football.
  • Heritage: football stadiums, club badges, location, colours and competitions all deserve special protections. Fans to have a veto on these assets at every club via a “golden share” which is held by a democratic, legally-constituted fan group.
  • Reform: half of the FA Board should be made up of independent non-executive directors, to reduce elite club influence. The review also recommends reform of the FA Council.
  • Distribution: the removal of restrictions on FA spending meaning more money redirected towards grassroots, non-league and women’s football.
  • Equality: Equality, diversity and inclusion plans should be mandatory for all clubs.
  • Women’s game: a recommendation that a new review is set up to specifically explore the challenges facing the women’s game. Those challenges may or may not require a different approach to the men’s game but they must be examined thoroughly and independently.
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