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SINCE 1996
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Favourite Band/Album


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glad to see most rovers fans have good music taste

hope you like mine...

oasis: all of them apart from standing on the shoulders of giants

stereophonics: perfromance and cocktails

stone roses: second coming

clash: all of them

the who: live at leeds

prodigy: most of them

fat boy slim : most of them

bob marley

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Richard ashcroft is god, best albums

Richard Ashcroft - Alone with everybody

the verve - urban hyms

oasis - be here now

Stone Roses - Stone roses

Is this it - the strokes

pablo honey - radiohead

Ocean colour scene - Moseley Shoals

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I know im a tad late to post this but i just found it.

1.the holy bible-manic street preachers.

2.generation terrorists-manic street preachers.

3.gold against the soul-manic street preachers.

4.the stone roses-the stone roses.

5.the queen is dead-the smiths.

6.anthology-the ramones

7.here come the wolfes-rancid

8.hope and adams-wheat.

9.anything by joy division.

10.anything by new order.

11.anything by the doors.

12.pablo honey-radiohead.

13.b sides seasides and free rides-ocean colour scene.

14.from here to eternety-the clash.

15.chicken rythm-northside.

16.the best of-the jam.

17.the best of-the kinks.

18.adore-smashing pumpkins.

19.anything by the beatles and john lennon.

20.appetite for destruction-guns "n" roses.

21.use you'r illusion 1-guns "n" roses.

22.use you'r illusion 2-guns "n" roses.

23.the spagheti incedent-guns "n" roses.

24.live-guns "n" roses.

25.lies-guns "n" roses.

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