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  1. I've been playing Cherry Ghost's debut album "thirst for romance". I'm not one for hyperbole but this is of the very best debut of the decade to date -a real gem, up there with other great debuts of the last 7 years such as those by Turin Brakes and The Magic Numbers All great tunes on the LP but the best is "dead man's suit" A melancholy tune out of the very top draw, it really is spellboundally beautifully, just listen to it “none of these roads are ever going to lead to your door….” I rate it 9.5/10
  2. yep and a little bit oe Elbow and The Doves in there as well...
  3. two great tracks around at the moment by new acts "mathmatics" by cherry ghost and "austrailia" by the shins
  4. welcome back DD! thats hope you recapture your 2000-2003 form
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A18710075 This report shows that for the 3rd round gates on thw whole, gates were significantly down on the average gate for a league match. Ticket prices, and the importance of the cup to the respective club taking most of the blame.
  6. I don't think there’s many people around who condone drug abuse. I for one don't as I have personal experience of the effect it can have, and how devastating it can be to not only the drug user but everybody connected to that person. I recognise the stories of many of these tragic girls, who lived normal lives before getting in the wrong crowd, in which it was only a matter of time before a spiral of decline set in. Without starting to take drugs they would still be alive. what many people may not recognise is the way hard drugs totally takeover a addicts life. From the time they wake to when they go to bed there total existence is taking up with drugs. Be it going to the doctors and chemist to get heroin substitute, getting money to buy drugs, buying drugs and seeking out dealers, probation etc etc. In this way it is impossible to hold down a "normal" social and economic existence. In which case they are trapped with only getting of the drugs for good a way out.
  7. great a win to life my grey sporting mood just seen Bentley's goel on MOTD-decent strike!
  8. you can rile at refs all you like but the simple truth is that based on that 1st half performance rovers did not derserve anything. infact so poor have rovers performances have been lately even they have deserved very little how many more times is Hughes going to come out and blame the ref rather than his players? It has become a recurring theme this season
  9. it's strange no fisherman on the list this year who is the irish galic football player who also gets a comment?
  10. Any ideas who should win this year? it's a very open year with no outstanding candidate it be intreasting to see if Monty Panaser will garner more votes by default based his non appearance in the Ashes to date.
  11. He is quite short at about 6 foot 9... from the Caribean....used to play in a useful team in the 80's nicknamed "the big bird" very scary by all accounts if you got a bit of wood in your hand
  12. I have lost all confidence in out defensive abilty. Nelson Can't come back quick enough
  13. I take it you in the same camp that belives the earth is flat? I would take notice of the 90%+ experts who think global warming is happpening, as they know a lot more about the subject as anybody elese
  14. come on thats hope west ham go down...wont have to play at Upton park, got to one of rovers worst grounds in terms of results, bring me OT, Anfield etc anyday
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