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Alejandro Tapia

Thw importance of the cup matches.

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Well pals...  i think we are showing some positive things and in sure we will improve our performance this season.

A very important aspect in order to that will be to have a very different beginning on the cup...we have expectations for that tournament as well and i think that is going to be a great chance to watch some possibly important players...

There are some names like Smallwood, both goalkeepers, Rothwell even Evans and more that will have to show their skills and the confidence they have on their owna and manager as well.

We need reilable options in banch as well cup matches will be vitals to see ho can do it and who doesnt have a chance.

In the other hand it's a chance to win and that makes everything easier even the cinfodence to work all week long will be more and better. 

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I agree Alejandro! I would put a strong team out at first off though TM has already said that this is a chance for previous non-starter to make an impression.

That said, on paper we should certainly have enough for a comfortable victory across out squad, but we know it often never turns out that way!

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