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  1. im not going to talk to much about the positions that we need not beyond to name them CB, LB, GK most of all but also if is possible another MCD and ST (i think I'm asking to much) cause every one we have our own options and names... I rather to talk about the requirements they should have and also twhat i would do to try to bring new faces whitout to go bankrupt with our tight budget. fist of all the players we need (goaly is the exception) has to come from a bottom of the league a league one or even a league two, i know more than one will be disagree with me but we need young players, skilled player and cheap players too...all those attributes though would be easier to find on those leagues... bringing a raising star from league two or a big name from league one could really help us to build a stronger roster and also to improve the level and at the same time we could sell them latter and turn it into a massive investment. I'm thinking on league two and one to find a future jewel on our miedfield or to add another striker just in case ben and sam can't raise the bar (i trust them) CB and LB needs all those things i already said plus a particular thing...experience!!! on english football and if it'spossible into this same divition cause are the most necessary positions is our weakest line and we need results quick enough, last season at begging of tournament we drop to much points because of defense in my opinion at least...and even when we react it was to late. so I keen one of the bottom teams on championship or even the just relegated ones to find our LB and CB two players with good enough age with experience and certainly with more level than our current options...charlton, lutton, boro and even wigan could have more than one option. Talking about goaly is there where i would expend the most cause we need a top one some one ready to give us at least around 12 to 15 clean sheets we need to have one of the best in leaguecause I'msure we'll fighting for top 6 next season.
  2. it'ssuch a important topic but there will be to much crap and noise till the beginning of next season... i would love to talk and talk ( write and write to be honest) about this but i will try to put my important ideas... first we'll have to let out many players that doesen't have a place here if we want to really improve our team, we got a good bunch of players that were very important and im thankfull but they shouldn't stay cause dosent have a place on a top 6 team ( Bennett, Williams, Smallwood, Mullgrew) some lads that has talent but we need money and they won't be the diference (Rothwell, Chapman) and all of them could leave well enougj payed i guess... now with that money i would bring2 or 3 very good players... we need a CB woth talent enoughmaybe top of league... i would bring a star of league one or even league two as LB and also as striker ( just in case samy and ben still like this season) and finally i would bring a first level goaly I'm talking about a experienced enough player with gpod age and quality enough to have at least around 12 clean sheet like walton did... #IRTID #TheMexicanRover
  3. come on you can say whatever you want but almoust everybody would sign a seson like this one some months ago... we were close to finish on final mix for play offs... it was complicated to many good teams to defeat look at notts forest...if our supporters are moaning for our campaign imagine those bastards!! it's true that not everything was perfect we drop very important points but this is football and championship, a beautiful but massively hard league here is so hard to take 3 points every single match pluuus...our schedule were very complicated in the final part to be honest... whoaver not matter what has been a pleasure to be with my Rovers all along another season! call me optimistic or whatever but this team gave me great afternoons and happy weekends this season and im sure next season we'll do it even better!! no matter what: IM ROVERS TILL I DIE WE LOVE YOU ROVERS #IRTID #TheMexicanRover
  4. I think a lot of people are thinking n9w that 9nly if we finish on 7th place we would have a decent season and that's so far to be true... We finished at the middle in our first season back now we have several chances to finish at the top 8th 9th and even 10th position would be more than great if the think that all al9ng we've been loosing very important playes and even key players (Dack,Cunninham,Holtby) Now certainly to finish on a play off position would be better and is a chance I have feith to my Rovers so yes we can do it but we have to be honest about our chances and the hard calendar that we will leave from now and on...if we maintain this level we will take enough points to finish on top 7 yes but if we doesen't let's be honest has been a very good season already....isn't? . Anyway against Stoke we have to win the match whoaver you think if we want to still on uebfirst 10 we can't lose against blody potters they are the last not easy cause i dontbbelive in this divition are such a thing but doable victory till a good bunch of weeks since my point of view... We have the skills the football and the moment 9f cause the locally aswell s9 let's support our Rovers in this veey important match we can defeat them!!! WE LOVE ROVERS WE DO!! #IRTID #COYB #TheMexicanRover #Top10season
  5. Yeeeeeeeees! that was to show cookneys twats what Lancashire Proud means ! we got our revenge and in their ground so it was as sweet as it was bitter to be defeated by a poor team back to first fixture... So proud about our Rovers we were better than the other team again...we are a team we play as a team and just in time cause the most delicated part of season is comming and we'll need to be in our best shape and level... Blackburn is showing such commitment everybody wants exactly the same they are focuse at the same and they are playing to achieve it!! and you can notice when you see a young player turn into the player of the match and score as well... Buckley had a great performance like a said in my opinion was the best player tonight... Also Johnson did pretty good a player that even when he hasn't been at the level i had in mind has a lot of skills and experience and he shown that he's reilable enough and capable to make important thig to us.... What can I say about Tony what gaffer we have defently he deserv at least one prize as manager of month cause even with a lot of injuries he's able to ignite every single palyer with his commitment and his philosophy 9f game if it'snot like that then why young players, experiment players, new player even players comming from bench...eeeverybody is showing a great shape and their best football level...Tony knows this business and even more this squad !! so let's celebrate cockers but let's still focus cause hard matches are coming we are disputing a spot on top and why not even achieve to be on the final mix for play offs and against teams like swansea or Derby will be hard and even against Brentford and Bristol we have to do our best.... I trust my team I know we can take a lot more points for the matches to come we only have to keep this current level..is possible and i will be doing my part TO SUPPORT...AND YOU? WE LOVE YOU ROVERS WE DO!! ?⚪? #ImRoversTillIDie #COYB #TheMexicanRover #WEAREONTOP
  6. well of course I feel so mad blody southern pillocks! it was hard to be defeated in our ground after a good while buuut.... Let's be honest pals we did a good match a very good one even...if we think about how deplet is our squad right now...we loose yes but we can't win all matches isn't? they belongs right now to another level and is pretty simple they were better nooow... We have a different reality at least this season we are fighting to finish on top 10 a more than decent, remarkable position for being our second year back to championship... I'm not saying it's nice to lose what I'm saying is that some teams are better cause has richer squads and better financial infrastructure... We display a more than decent football with a very short roster using young lads that could turn to our future and honestly could be great! Costello did it well enough to me... Cheer you up a little pals sup up some ales and still supporting cause the hardest part of season is coming and won't be easy but if we keep displaying this kind of football hull won't be a hard rival for us I trust my Rovers Up the Rovers! COYB wining or loosing I'M BLACKBURN TILL I DIE TILL I DIE!!! l #ImRoversTillIDie #COYB #TheMexicanRover #Top10season
  7. cocker is a propper Lancashire word isn't pal? my girlfriend show me that word..well pal Rovers changed my life since 2001 I don't choosed my colors...i eas happy supporting my mexican team but well...my team choosed me and i turn Into a loyal hardcore why? because of passion because we are not a millionaire club and we are always hard to defeat (premier times) and i had been loyal even till our trip to league 1 and I'm still proudly ROVER...good football great philosophy the most beautiful county on England...(Lancashire) I LOVE your ground and my team cause is as MINE as another English pal i laugh and i cry thanks to this feeling thanks to Lancashire Rose!!!! cheers cocker and enjoy game against those southern pilloks!!
  8. to all the cockers to support me thanks a lot! to all the rest well don't fuck with me is so easy to see if I'm real jajajaja just watch my Facebook profile: Alejandro Tapia Reyes... a true hardcore supporter 0f my Rovers since 2001 and being more loyal and posits that some of the brit. "supporter"
  9. well what can I say that you doesen't know already cockers? things are bad for our team Holtby out for the rest of season what a luck we have!!!... know I'm divided about that cause i trust Tony and actually he's a top manager without any doubt he has being taking some important points with a very depleted roster against the one that he had at the begging of season... Buuut it is true aswell that something wrong has to be happenig with part of staff I mean players are not straight enough to face a complete season is true we are not very deep roster and i know it's hard to try to maintain fresh or recover quick to our players if we need almoust all of them weekly but since this year started and since the last part of 2019 actually injuries is such a common thing nowadays in Blackburn.... Now we are in a very hard fight to finish on top 10 maybe a little higher than that but with the current players without a natural "brain" in the middle of park could be even harder I trust in our young lads specially Costello and Buckley but even Chapman could be the answer ...they will have to do their best to grab this golden but sad oportunity...but even if they have some mistakes let's support them cause is not easy to play when every body is waiting for you to be a heroe or something like that Dack and Holtby are great players with top quality at least Dack could be playing on premier (before his injury) and to try to cover they won't be easy for our young players... difficult times got to say but I'm sure that we can turn this into an oportunity I trust in young Rovers blood. #ImRoversTillIDie #COYB #TheMexicanRover #Top10season
  10. well in my opinion we played a very good first half specially first 20 or 25...then we let them grow for second half of course QPR go out wishing to get the equalizer...it was a much more struggle second half and we deserv those points... 6 his injury). We are showing very good shape and we display high football level in some moments... struggle matches about to come so let's still supporting by now we are on the top ??⚪? #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBB #TheMexicanRover #Top10season
  11. I rather modelo aswell cocker but my favorite are XX (lager and brown) and noche buena cheers cocker!
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