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  1. Like having the worst owners in English football making the decisions? Or a manager who last time was placed in a similar situation, led his team to the summit of the table? Or having a bloke who predicts everything wrongly suggesting that we'll run away with the league?
  2. And constantly criticises Gary "Total Football" Bowyer. There's no hope.
  3. Quite right, he's at a stable club now..
  4. I'm a Mowbray fan but the fact remains his only stint in this league was a disaster.
  5. We'll go down again. The club is absolutely rotten to the core, and whilst the fact remains, there will never be success in the pitch.
  6. It says it all that you won't find this story on Sky Sports, despite all the title tattle flying around there. It's like when The Sun print a horrific and incorrect story all over the front pages, and then two weeks later put a tiny one inch apology in the bottom corner of the middle pages. Hope Bolton survive, and that we don't suffer a similar fate.
  7. Well he's worth a punt for such a menial fee in this market.
  8. Footballers are renowned for their brains but if he has half of one he'll be walking to Sheffield to push a move through.
  9. The trust really did ruin everything for everyone, and don't get nearly as much stick as they should. There ground should be full of banners cursing the Walker family, heaven knows it might actually strike a chord with someone, something the Venky based protests have yet to do.
  10. Anyone seen the footage of McGregor sparring with the number 11 boxer in the IBF rankings? This is all a money grab for sure, with back patting all around afterwards. He doesn't have a cat in hell's chance.
  11. Comical Ali.
  12. "Is Mark Hughes really going to dominate Tim Sherwood and Jamie Redknapp."
  13. Serena will be back, and normal service will be resumed!
  14. I disagree. The only time she came from behind the baseline was for the changeovers. Grass is for aggression, which is why over the years the big hitters generally win at Wimbledon. Really hoping Federer can go on and create history now, but will have to go two big servers to do it. He is obviously more than capable, but if one of those guys have a day where every service match is golden, it's hard to find a way through and you're relying on tie breakers.
  15. Super T on draft, was it?