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  1. You're Murdoch and the like's wet dream. So malleable. What will be will be be, Hughesy.
  2. Chaddy, The Daily Heil and The Scum are not quotable references I'm afraid. Propaganda machines, doing everything they can to ensure general public feel exactly how they want them to. The reality is that the polls continue to close, and although TheConservatives should win, a large majority is looking more and more unlikely.
  3. Bit odd them letting him decide their next manager, but hey ho.
  4. Mrs B. Ashley, County Durham.
  5. Please, stop feeding him everyone. He lost the small segment of credibility that was still lingering the moment he refused to continue debating with me, presumably because every time he did another horrific part of his character ended up being exposed.
  6. Was never going to be long before this kind of suggestion was made by somebody. I have no doubt there are a few who flitter in and around these parts that would agree.
  7. Your levels of hypocrisy are absolutely astounding. That board is full of vile and personal content about myself and others. The quoted member cannot be taken even with the smallest pinch of salt.
  8. A constant reminder of your IQ.
  9. Which part? And just so I'm clear; as long as you have a relationship with any other ethnicity to yourself, you're not a racist? This is important.
  10. No, because you're an illiterate racist. You still haven't told me your solution?
  11. Not as hard it must have been for your parents. What's your solution? What's it called? First word "Final?"
  12. Stop rising to his bait. Judging by his join date, grammar, and cretinous approach, he's either on a wind up trying to disrupt the new found harmony over here, or he's just a @#/?. Either way it's not worth the keypad wear.
  13. If you consider Donald Trump intelligent I suspect there's not enough floating around inside your head to cause friction. I struggle to believe anybody could be as thick as you're presenting yourself, therefore I'm presuming you're just a troll. A very mediocre one at that...
  14. Well that's that then, if Donald says he'll get to the bottom of it... The only thing he's got to the bottom of so far is the "most incompetent and embarrassing world leader of all time" list.