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  1. The last two results were defeats to two @#/? teams whom we would have beaten with our third team 7 years ago. We're @#/? .
  2. Fine, @#/? it, he/s a c***, sack him.
  3. I like him Tom but I'm not sure what gives you such confidence? Last time in this league he failed badly. I too am concerned he wants to pussy foot his way out of the league. Whether or not it's possible is yet to be seen...
  4. In Chaddy we Trust. "Four more years, four more years...."
  5. Yes, I have no doubt Venkey's are currently thinking "wow, after the preseason optimism that is really a wake up call, and a warning that we must invest wisely between now and the end of the transfer window to ensure that we secure our goal of automatic promotion this season." More likely the inflatable pool full of money party won't end until Wednesday or Thursday, at which point somebody might bother to tell them the result.
  6. Who spilt Stella down your Stone Island tracky?
  7. As things stand we'll finish the day with only Accrington and Morecambe below us in terms on the Lancashire teams. Although not worth a great deal after the first day, it's certainly a symbolic blow and emphasises the extent of our demise.
  8. Judging by where you ended up, I wouldn't be so sure.
  9. It says "Stafford Educated" under your username. Just what exactly did you learn?
  10. When did I call you stupid? I said "stop being stupid." Big difference. Keep digging.
  11. Is Ricky still available?
  12. Oh dear. Maybe you should stay away from the internet if losing a football match causes you to be a pathetic, overly aggressive arsehole. Get a life mate.
  13. Yes it took me by surprise that in a thread about a football match people were posting reactions about the happenings in the said football match. You honestly use football forums to find a balanced ongoing commentary of a particular match? It's like using a brothel to find true love. Either way, stop being stupid.
  14. 7 years mate. And counting.