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  1. They've had the same strokes of luck City had last season, getting late goals via deflections and teams missing late penalties against them (City being the culprits). Does seem like their name is on it this season, but an injury to Van Dyke could mean big trouble for them (he doesn't get through many seasons without an injury). If they were to slip up, Spurs look the most likely at the moment. City looked dodgy every time they were asked questions in Pep's first season, and even last year the few times they were put under pressure, they usually conceded. They have a bit of the Weng
  2. Spurs looking more likely at the moment than City. Given your disastrous prediction history I wouldn't be getting too cocky on Boxing Day.
  3. They have the young Portugese lad at right back who I expect they want to develop into the first choice. Shaw is looking good at left back. Think the midfield is potentially better than Liverpool's to be honest, which doesn't look overly strong to me. Van Dyke turned Liverpool into contenders almost single handedly. Reckon a couple of centre halves would do the same to them with the correct manager. Time will tell. It certainly isn't half as bad as some would have you believe. Mass hysteria surrounds them, we had a rolling news section dedicated to them for about 3 days after Mourinh
  4. Think everything is over-exaggerated when it comes to United. They're two world class centre halves away from being challengers. They're no further away player wise than City were in their first season under Pep. Regarding City, the thing that would worry me is Pep has never won a title when he's had to battle for it. He always canters to the title by a healthy margin, so nobody really knows if he has the temperament to win such a battle. It'll be interesting to see if any mind games start. I hope so, but not sure these new managers are into all that. Not sure Pep will be tellin
  5. Imagine mentioning United in a conversation revolving around the new manager of.... Manchester United. If you struggle contributing anything of substance, just stay out of it, "son."
  6. Still sticking with "in my opinion Man United aren't the richest club in the world" line?
  7. This is where we disagree. It's like comparing Valencia with Real Madrid. I agree with a lot of what you said, but to suggest anything other than United is a much bigger club than Tottenham is, in my opinion, ridiculous. They have more than 650m fans world wide. They sell more shirts than anyone else. You're comparing The Beatles to Boyzone. If he really wants to be at the top of the footballing tree, he'll have to go to United or Madrid this summer. Spurs are a good team, but still a fair few million away from winning things like the title or CL. They are skint thanks to
  8. You equate me pointing out that United are a much bigger club than Tottenham as me "hating Tottenham?" It's little wonder you're nothing more than a running joke around here.
  9. It's not a subjective argument. It's a fact. You've tried to speak down to me in the last couple of posts, "son," but you've not quite managed it, have you? "Lol."
  10. Well if his attitude is the same as yours, United should be praying he opts to stay at Spurs. Imagine if Ferguson had thought "Liverpool are too good, I'm going to stay at Aberdeen." I think what's more likely is, such is your hatred for Man United, you're going to find any reason possible to convince yourself that no top manager is going to want to go there. The reality is, anyone who truly wants the opportunity to try and establish themself as a potential all time managerial great will walk there.
  11. Well what you've said is absolute nonsense, and has added absolutely nothing to the discussion, but I thought I'd ask you your justification for saying it. Seems backing up your absolute tripe is "too difficult for you." Look forward to your next compelling contribution.
  12. I personally would put the Europa League (or UEFA Cup as I still think of it) ahead of the FA Cup in terms of prestige, and certainly in terms of difficulty to win it, but admittedly all of those trophies are minor compared to the Premier League and Champion's League. However, if as a manager you won the FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League for Tottenham, you'd be a legend of the club. That tells you all you need to know about the size of the clubs. If Poch has any ambition, he'd be off like a flash. They better hope he does, as it seems slim pickings for them if you take him out of
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