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  1. I genuinely don't think this guy will ever reach his full potential. His body shape, lifestyle, fame chasing and general lack of dedication (and IQ) will, in my opinion, be his downfall sooner rather than later (I have the feeling he'll end up injury prone, much like Dunn did). If we sell him for more than £20m, he'll never fetch anywhere near that again. However, he undoubtedly still has a lot to offer us in the immediate present/ future. I hink we need to sell him whilst his stock is high, but try to get every last bit of worth out of him first. My instinct says the summer would be the best time to get shut, but time will tell.
  2. What are all my posts on this thread regarding? I don't even think you know what you're arguing about anymore.
  3. Who said it's only here? Doesn't mean it's not cretinous.
  4. Yeah the rematch will be Hype City. Hoping they can do it in the UK, but suspect Wilder will still hold all he cards still being the Champion. Hoping Fury keeps up his dedication from the past year.
  5. Of course, but up to now the only money we've spent to improve the squad is the hypoyethical sum on Brereton (which if completed with be paid based on various bonuses I'm sure, which suggests neither the buying party nor selling party expect instant results from the transfer). The Armstrong money was just to maintain the strength of the League 1 squad. Everything else has been freebies and loans.
  6. Pretty sure that's not an accident. If you're going to ensure one judge is going for you, make sure it's the British one so you can say "he wasn't even American..." You say everyone thinks they're an expert, I've seen both Lennox Lewis and Floyd Mayweather say that Fury won comfortably. How much more of an expert do you want?
  7. Eh? Fury embarrassed him. Wilder cannot box, he literally relies on smacking the other guy square in the face, and doesn't possess an ounce of boxing guile. I think everyone had Fury with a lead of a country mile, even with knockdowns taken into account. I'm not surprised by the decision, but it's a disgrace. How the promoters get to book the judges and not the official boxing commitee is beyond me, and makes a farce of the sport.
  8. Fury absolutely robbed. Shades of Lewis/ Holyfield all those years ago. The judge who gave the fight to Wilder had him winning 5 out of the first 6 rounds. The corruption is infuriating. Gutted for him, but with a few more months of training I don't think Wilder would touch him. Great fight, and how Fury got up from the canvas in the final round I'll never know.
  9. I don't consider a two game losing streak to be a particular drop in form. When you haven't won for 5 or 6 games, that's when you start to wonder if things are wrong. But even then, in our case, it wouldn't mean that the guy who was fantastic for the previous two years is suddenly not good enough off the back of a dodgy month. We've become everything that we used to mock in English football, from diving to the incredible turnover of managers (which has yet to prove itself to be a successful model, but has proven to be a very expensive one). Nowadays everybody has signed up to the madhouse where Sky Sports will have you believe a team is in crisis if they have completed less sprints this week than they did in the first half two weeks ago. Plenty of people on here were criticising Mowbray personally rather than the team, and even a couple saying he's taken us as far as he can/ saying he should be under pressure if he can't turn it around. There was nothing to turn around. I mean, we've lost once in more than a year at home. Once. And people were suggesting he might not be up to the job? Really? This squad is fighting above its weight (in terms or league position; I think it's a lower mid table squad) in this league, and considering the job he's done, only in a situation where we are adrift and in trouble should his job be under threat. Its incredible that some people are so fickle that after two defeats they suddenly act as if they previous two years didn't happen.
  10. I've referenced that, and we're 11 off the relegation zone just past the halfway stage (effectively 12 with goal difference). Here's the link to all clubs spending.. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/transfers/wettbewerb/GB2 Pretty much all of them spent more than us in the summer.
  11. I know the media and the 24/7 constant analysis of every little thing football related has (along with the modern day culture of wanting things to arrive in their lives instantaneously) made people very prone to knee jerk reactions, but a few people around here should be a bit embarrassed about what they've said on this thread over the last few days (in my opinion). It's like they've never seen a team have a sudden slump in form/ bad run before (in our case, you'd be hard pressed to say "run"). Mowbray has done an incredible job taking into account the mad house he walked into. Having got us promoted, after 20 games we are 5 points from the play offs, 11 away from the drop zone, and in 9th position. We are surrounded by clubs who have not only outspent us, but who have outspent us massively. Whilst I'm not sure about the length of his contract given the modern nature of football, in my opinion he was (and remains) a million miles away from being under even the tiniest bit of pressure.
  12. Would a brisk walk keep our necks above water? If we were to find ourselves in deep water would a doggy paddle be enough to drag us to safety?
  13. I really hope this thread trails off in this direction. What's inbetween a walk and a jog? A trot? Or is a trot faster than a jog? How does this equate to league position?
  14. Of course. Talk of 6 year contracts on football nowadays is ridiculous. Mowbray has earned the right to overaee a horrific run before his job should be under consideration. His reign here has been an overwhelming success. As I've stated, at this level, we were always going to hit a bad run with this squad. A run is 4/5 games of positive/ negative results. Talk/ insinuation of his job being under consideration if we lose another game or two is ridiculous. These are the same people who would be livid if Dack were knocking down the door and asking for a move to West Brom come January.
  15. Apologies, you're quite right. Good job you don't spend all day correcting grammatical mistakes over at the other place, otherwise you'd never leave the study... Now presuming you came here to add nothing other than pettily correct a grammatical error, why not scuttle back off to find pictures of tits?
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