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    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Honest appraisal, first twenty we should have been out of sight but our goal did come from an error however we hit the woodwork and a couple of decent blocks kept it tight. Second half you came out looking dangerous however switched off from a set piece and Nuhiu made it a little more comfy. Poor defending and nice move reduced the arrears but again you didn't deal with a simple ball and it's 3-1. Raya at fault for fourth then another well worked goal and at 4-2 more pressure, the blazing miss early in stoppage killed your remote chance. Fair play to the 800 or so, quite vocal at times.
  2. Owlsonlineadmin

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    We conceded at Derby last week He's just gone back to basics but we aren't rigid in playing 4-4-2 it depends on who's available, we still have 10 players out injured.
  3. Owlsonlineadmin

    Championship 2018-19

    Sadly fella the Championship has become the league where £10m net spends are now the norm. When Villa and the Jawdees came down a couple of years ago they just decimated the transfer market cos they had parachute payments, average players moved for 8 figure fees and wages rose, other clubs had to compete and now we see the effects biting. Players previously 3-4m are going for 4 times that but then the EFL want FFP. Stoke have done it this year and no doubt the club's coming down will do the same.
  4. Owlsonlineadmin

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Both Fletcher and Nuhiu started at Bolton due to conditions and the fact we have just three for strikers, expect that to continue tomorrow. We need to watch Dack and not give Mulgrew any dead ball situations around the box given his delivery and potency. Different animal to what you faced in December, our best goalkeeper is playing and Hutchinson is back, both deemed surplus to requirements under our previous manager. The game at yours was the straw which broke the supporters back with the manager, he cause Forestieri to get injured and left him on. Safe trip over to all.
  5. Aye I've got most but missing a few as is that site. Bit rubbish. Cheers
  6. Quick question for anyone on here, do Rovers print away fan attendances in the programmes?
  7. Wow, biggish game and that's all? The Venkys really are killing off the club.
  8. Morning folks, Big big game Saturday, I don't think either of us expected this back in August, we are in reasonable form with just 4 defeats in 17 but really need to win this one cos this league is frankly ridiculous, we have a load of big lads who we pump the ball to on set pieces, our left back is 6ft2 and has six goals this term, if you can handle that then I expect an away win.
  9. Owlsonlineadmin

    [Archived] Morning

    Steady on about the Blades going up, it would be nice to seen them in the doldrums. Rovers need a fire sale or will you keep your squad together, you battered us back in August in the League Cup.
  10. Owlsonlineadmin

    [Archived] Morning

    Just thought I'd come and say hello, been a while since I visited Ewood Park, the last time was the League Cup semi final in 2002 and i was sat on the home end as I couldn't get a ticket for the away stand, hope you sort this s**t out with Venkys and Kean soon enough
  11. Owlsonlineadmin

    [Archived] League Cup

    A view from the Wednesday http://www.owlsonline.com/?page=news&news_id=696

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